The Power of Acceptance

The Power of Acceptance by Pamela Carvell Introduction Two things recently occurred to me: firstly that we can be very unaccepting of people whose views differ to ours, and secondly that acceptance of others and their views is extremely empowering and a very powerful personality trait to have. Which led me to reflect upon the…

What Does my Life Mean?

What Does my Life Mean? This is something I have been asking myself for a few months now, and I believe there is value in us all taking some time to reflect on what our life actually MEANS. I am not talking about trying to find the meaning of life. That is a whole different…

Be Grateful to be Happy!

I believe that gratitude is an important part of happiness and I explore this belief in this article.

Stop Thinking. Start Living

Stop Thinking Start Living is the title of one of my favourite books, and one that I re-read from time to time. Along with other books by Richard Carlson (who sadly died in 2006 aged just 45) these are powerful life-changers and inspired me to write this blog article about the importance of ‘switching off’….