Top Tips for Emotional Wellbeing

Top Tips for Emotional Wellbeing By Pamela Carvell, June 2020. Introduction As we are gradually emerging from ‘lockdown’ many people are struggling emotionally to deal with this transitional phase. Some people have actually adjusted to their new house-bound routine, and aren’t missing the stress of commuting. Some are incredibly fearful, either for the health of…

What Does my Life Mean?

What Does my Life Mean? This is something I have been asking myself for a few months now, and I believe there is value in us all taking some time to reflect on what our life actually MEANS. I am not talking about trying to find the meaning of life. That is a whole different…

Loneliness: Being Alone vs Being Lonely

These are my thoughts on loneliness. I resisted calling the article ‘Beating Loneliness’ because I genuinely don’t believe it’s something you can beat, but rather learn to handle, so the feelings of loneliness aren’t totally overwhelming.  This article is just tips that in my personal experience can help. And if just one tip helps one…

Be Grateful to be Happy!

I believe that gratitude is an important part of happiness and I explore this belief in this article.

Successful New Year Resolutions

Tips on how you can make New Year Resolutions that improve your chances of achieving them. NLP technique of strong visualisation & simple idea of expressing goals in a positive way can have a huge impact.

What Healthy Eating means to me

Healthy Eating means different things to different people. This is my view, based on my own personal experience of many years of good health, energy & vitality…and the reading of many authoritative books & magazines!