Workplace Wellness Programme

Wellness is now a $4.2 trillion industry, but less than 10% of the world’s workforce has access to workplace wellness programmes. The pressures of working in hospitality are well-documented, and this is prior to Covid! A 2019 survey by the Royal Society of Public Health stated that 84% of hospitality workers had suffered increased stress…

Loneliness: Being Alone vs Being Lonely

These are my thoughts on loneliness. I resisted calling the article ‘Beating Loneliness’ because I genuinely don’t believe it’s something you can beat, but rather learn to handle, so the feelings of loneliness aren’t totally overwhelming.  This article is just tips that in my personal experience can help. And if just one tip helps one…

Be Grateful to be Happy!

I believe that gratitude is an important part of happiness and I explore this belief in this article.

Stop Thinking. Start Living

Stop Thinking Start Living is the title of one of my favourite books, and one that I re-read from time to time. Along with other books by Richard Carlson (who sadly died in 2006 aged just 45) these are powerful life-changers and inspired me to write this blog article about the importance of ‘switching off’….

The Power of State of Mind

Being in the right state (or frame) of mind is key to success in any situation. And the good news is that your state of mind is completely within your control! It is your mind. And your body that produces the chemicals which determine how you feel. We can kid ourselves that we can conceal…