You have to see it to do it – the Power of Visualisation

(Image of an original oil painting by Ian Williams)

It is a basic premise of NLP that you have to see something, in your mind, before you can do it. However, much of this visualisation is in your subconscious mind e.g. If someone asks you to open the door, you fully understand the concept, and don’t waste even a second wondering which muscle groups to use, or what a door is (& every door looks different) or what the concept of ‘opening’ means.

Having said that, everyone’s mind is different. Some people mainly see static images, others run movies, some have conversations & many take a feeling (attaching it to any of these) and spin it, to either good or bad effect. The key to a happy, healthy life is using these to good effect.

People who consciously run movies in their minds have the most powerful minds, simply because a movie includes sights, sounds & feelings and tends to be large, colourful and animated. However, the most powerful minds can also be the most damaging. Such people can take a relatively minor event and rerun it, in their mind, again and again and again, each time making it bigger, louder, brighter and more intense. This is how something simple can traumatise you for life. It is also how really traumatic events cause significant mental turmoil. The initial event will have created a deep neural pathway, but every rerun in your mind deepens that pathway, etching the event very, very deeply in your mind.

People who overcome traumatic events relatively quickly are those who don’t keep rerunning the event and put it to the back of their mind – a bit like putting that old family video up in the loft so it is out of sight, and out of mind! Of course we are defined by unpleasant or traumatic events, to a certain extent, but if you can put it to the back of your mind, you can stop it impacting your day to day life. Sports people do this very effectively with their failures.

This truly amazing power of visualisation can help us all lead happy, healthy lives on a daily basis, as well as help us achieve  very specific goals or ‘bigger picture’ long term goals.

The keys to this are firstly to push to the back of your mind any movies, pictures or conversations about unpleasant or stressful events, or negative people! Quite simply, don’t think or talk about them! Instead, focus your mind on the positive events you want to happen. Run the movie of this future event and make it as large, as bright and as loud as you can, and filled with positive feelings. Sports people do this all the time regarding winning. You often hear a footballer who has just played in a Cup Final at Wembley say ‘I have dreamt about this every day since I was 5!’. If, like me, your auditory sense is much stronger than your visual one, you will focus on the conversations and the sounds. And if you are a very emotional person, concentrate on all the positive feeelings.

If you take steps to get this movie of a positive future event deeply engrained in your mind, it helps your subconscious mind help you make the right decisions, towards you achieving that goal. This often happens without you even needing to think about it. You will be able to trust your subconscious mind to make the right choices for you. And making them will be as easy as obeying a request to open a door.

Trust in the power of your own mind. As the lyrics of ‘I believe I can fly’ say ‘If I can see it, then I can be it’.

This article was written by Pamela Carvell in 2017. It may be reproduced in part of whole, so long as full credit is given to Pamela.

The photo is of an original oil painting by Ian Williams, an artist based on the Isle of Skye and may only be reproduced with his explicit permission – unless you are forwarding the entire blog article!