Successful New Year Resolutions

According to many of the papers, by now, most of us will have either given up on our New Year resolutions or broken them! And yet each year we get excited at the prospect of a New Year heralding new behaviours & habits, to make us happier, healthier, wealthier, slimmer or whatever!

My NLP skills give me an understanding as to what is going on here.

First, let’s stop talking about dreams. Dreams happen while you are asleep and only exist in your head. Far better to talk about goals & objectives, to which we can attach tangible measurements.

But more importantly, a positive objective that you move towards is far more powerful than something that you are moving away from. What do I mean by this? Well a bad example of a goal is ‘to lose weight’. Losing something is hardly positive, and the concept focuses our mind on our weight – the very thing that is troubling us (in this example). How can your mind create a positive image of this goal? Contrast this with setting yourself the goal of weighing a certain amount or becoming a certain size. These are things you can work towards, things you can visualise very specifically, situations in which you can imagine yourself in the future.

So, set a specific, positive goal that you can move towards, and visualise yourself in that reality as often, and as powerfully as you can. E.g. When you’ve reached that target dress size / waist size, what sort of clothes will you wear, how will you move, how will you feel. Make yourself want that reality so badly. The more deeply it becomes engrained in your mind, the easier it becomes to make the right decisions to achieve that goal – your subconscious mind will make the right decisions for you! Trust your own mind!

Your resolutions or goals don’t need to be realistic. Did anyone ever change the world by setting realistic goals? As they say, the risk is not that you set your goals too high and miss them, but that you set them too low and achieve them!

However, don’t set too many goals, unless they are inextricably linked. Your mind does better if it can focus on one powerful vision for the future, at a time. And visualise the benefits to you and your life of achieving that goal. As you achieve one goal,  move onto the next one.

And a final tip to help you achieve your goals. Just before you fall asleep, imagine yourself when you have achieved your goal and run it like a movie. Your brain will continue to process this while you sleep, and your daily decisions will be strongly influenced by these thoughts. This will help to provide you with the inspiration to make the right choices (& refuse that third glass of wine or huge slice of chocolate cake!!). Inspiration is more powerful than motivation!


This article was written by Pamela Carvell in 2017. It may be reproduced in part or in full, so long as credit is given to her. Likewise re the photo!