What Healthy Eating means to me

  • img_2410Healthy eating means different things to different people. To many today ‘healthy’ means free of something e.g. Gluten-free, dairy-free, fat-free. To me that is so far removed from reality. To me, healthy food is about fresh, locally sourced, organic, nutritious items that I turn into mouth-watering, visually appealing, tasty dishes. I buy mainly brightly-coloured foods-often an indication of high levels of vitamins & anti-oxidants. Each day I try to ‘eat a rainbow’, as well as at least ‘five a day’. I have never been keen on meat, since I was a child, and have spent most of my life eating very little meat, as I struggle with the concept of animals suffering for our benefit.

i also believe that eating seasonally & locally are an important part of healthy eating. And that a healthy meal in the winter should be warming, in every sense, and filling. While summer dining should be light, fresh & raw.

My fat of choice is olive oil, closely followed by butter, for reasons of health, taste & foodmiles.

Beans, grains, pulses, nuts & legumes play a major part in my diet, & provide valuable sources of protein, in the absence of meat.

i don’t believe a diet can be healthy unless you are eating 3 meals a day, with breakfast being the most important one. And yet I believe strongly in giving my body a rest from food for 12 hours from 7pm to 7am.

Eating healthily would be pointless without adequate hydration! And for me it has to be Evian & mugs of Yorkshire tea with unsweetened soya milk!

In each meal I try to balance protein, carbs & vegetables, with vegetables being over 50%.

Im not a fan of smoothies and blended foods (except soups!) as I believe that chewing is an important part of our body processing and absorbing food.

i also limit my intake of fruits, as most have a very high sugar content, so whilst beneficial & great as a snack, I don’t think fruits should be the main component of any meal.

Finally, the controversial issue of SUGAR! Or should I say any sugars, or sweeteners, except those existing naturally in the item you are eating. I just don’t buy the concept that it’s OK to add substances like agave syrup, maple syrup or coconut sugar to items and then claim they are sugar-free. They have still been processed in a factory and still produce the same reaction in your body as cane sugar (which after all is also a natural plant product!) The simple fact is that our bodies don’t need sugar. I am fortunate in that I detest any kind of sweet fizzy drink ( unless you count Prosecco & Champagne!). From an eating perspective I do believe ‘sugars’ are the root of all evil!

I am proud of how fit and healthy I am. I don’t take any supplements, except Vitamin C in the winter. When I  feel full, I stop eating. I chew my food well & try to eat ‘consciously’ so I enjoy the flavours and textures. I don’t eat ‘convenience’ foods.

And the 2 foods I couldn’t live without are eggs & tomatoes!


This article was written by Pamela Carvell in 2017, and may be reproduced in part or in full, so long as it is accredited to her. Likewise re the photo, and all others on this blog, which have been taken by her.


  1. John Gubba says:

    Pam this is a really helpful blog. As a single guy working long, unsociable hours I need help managing my diet. Looking forward to picking up some good habits from reading your articles. JG

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  2. Thanks John. You may also find it useful to follow my Instagram @inspiremeplease2 as I post quick, healthy meals on there!


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